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Feeling the summer heat? Keep your chill and cool off with our newest iced drinks and summer lite snacks. 

From Iced Coffees, to Starbucks Refreshas, take your pick and let us know... what’s your cool this summer? 

Summer 2

Make this your best Summer yet!

And with every beverage, there’s new delicious food for you to pair it with. Some sugar, spice and everything nice

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Grounds for your garden

Grounds for your Garden!

Ever wonder how far a coffee bean could go? Beyond the daily hot cup of coffee you enjoy, we have found a way to use coffee grounds to nurture and give back to the environment.

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Summer Blonde

Beautifully balanced with a Blonde® Roast

Incredibly smooth and subtly sweet with a creamy mouthfeel, Starbucks® Blonde Roast brings a unique flavour to our espresso.

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Summer Coffee

Our Starbucks Coffee

Discover Starbucks Roast Spectrum and dive deep into brewing techniques

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Summer Delivery

Starbucks Delivers

Get your favourite flavour right at your door step.

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