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National Day


In 2022, we launched the Starbucks Design Competition together with the KSA Ministry of Culture to celebrate the Year of Saudi Coffee and get the community involved by creating designs and artwork that represented the heritage and culture of Saudi Arabia and coffee.

We received tons of amazing entries and cup designs, but a winner was finally selected and her design now graces our Starbucks cups for the entire month of the KSA National Day. The winning design, created by artist and Saudi national, Joud Yahya Al Sultan, is made of elements that represent the richness of Saudi culture, namely coffee, the camel, and the traditional Saudi houses with vibrant decorations.

Joud's inspiration for the design, she says, is the Saudi landscape, which is full of beauty from north to south and east to west, making it a unique expression of her love for the country.

Visit our stores to join the celebration and get the new Starbucks cup plus our new range of KSA National Day themed merch at Starbucks stores across the Kingdom.

Click here and watch the video to hear Joud's full story.

National Day